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Check the springs (booth check valve spring)

I use this for a long time to adapt, it is difficult to overestimate the benefits. When free time, decided to somehow "improve" their "stand" by buying new Steelyard, metal painting and removal of sizes. The frame is made from the corner, hairpin galvanized, steelyard email to 50kg (290rub)
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body works

After assessing the condition of the body decided to digest it and simultaneously adapt the tank to 100 liters in the trunk
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Rack and pinion jack Expeditionary canister 10l

All good night, friends! Stayed week has before my birthday and favorite wife asked me what gift I want? Naturally, the idea matured in my head for a long time ... I want to jack! I want expeditionary canister! A couple of mouse clicks, the manager called back, agreed to delivery and payment. One minus…
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