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Why not start. Chemistry.

In general, the car brought to life almost immediately. Today issued a minute I decided to write to someone I think will be useful to record. Reason complex starts in cold weather it was in the injectors, although all of the services have said that this can not be, that's for sure compression. It was…
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I went pet cat

While there is a running, skating anywhere and when I want :) So today decided to visit his brother in his mother's hut. Well, at the same time, and cat Kesha. Andryukha was not at home, as it turned out - ran through Mlle. But Kesha kotische. Thick - steals, kills mice. Well it is,…
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The weather is fine, we have winter! Early in the morning I rolled in a doggie les.Gonyali gluharka Only he did not want us in the soup, struck down by nas.Obratil attention to the speedometer, and there vosmёrochki ... All the holiday (the day of the military NBC I served there). All good!
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