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Why not start. Chemistry.

In general, the car brought to life almost immediately. Today issued a minute I decided to write to someone I think will be useful to record. Reason complex starts in cold weather it was in the injectors, although all of the services have said that this can not be, that's for sure compression. It was…
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Winter – the first snow

First time brushed the snow A week before the snow Summer (mud) in the winter (kama flow) How then does childish looks! Hurry summer too! PS. TO TO 2 and the winter then it became worse start. I die candles - but as long as the loan guarantee on the train - left 3 km…
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About the fuel pump part 1

Wheelbarrow week laid up, last night was cold -12 in the morning decided to have a drive to the car wash and engine figushki not grabbed. By evening cold weakened to -5 create the motor starts, the exhaust before unhealthy thick black smoke pouring nozzle just as if they have not yet flown. In general,…
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