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Steering wheel cover, P2

Rudder turned in diameter 40 cm, so I ordered a new sheath, but black. Link where ordered will not give, because Braid came at the wheel of smaller diameter, very tightly stretched. Workflow thread here so I turned Now this gap has turned out, not much pulled the result of the work Rudder became heavier,…
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Bolt (pin) wheel

How long ago I nakosyachil badly screwed wheel, and the result was a broken jamb place wheel bolts, they began to hang out. I had to change the wheel hub. I change it completely, together with the bearings and bolts. The store longer wheel bolts were purchased These are the first were purchased Or for…
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So taped STP noise insulation Patrick .In the car has become much quieter and more comfortable. Nisa doors inside the mastic treated, as well as vibration isolation krylya.Na pokleit splenitis, forgot to make photos
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