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Replacing thermostat on 88 degrees Tama

Today, the first thing removed viscous coupling. He did so: 1. 4 Unscrew the impeller screws 2. Unscrew the two screws from the pulley to got the key 3. Block pulley otverkoy gur 4. Hammer blows on an adjustable wrench, and she gave Changed the thermostat to 88 degrees Tama -. Diameter of 64mm. It…
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Continue about grief!

Generally as promised continued about the bearing of a secondary shaft universal joint! Short bearing Uraaa alive! It appeared all was banal play from loosely adjacent to the parking brake drum ylantsu thing is that native was Uther (cardan banged took it and drove the short drum on the drive and disappeared Okrut :) disappeared…
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Rear propeller replacement kristoviny.

Many will not describe, since so many have stories and videos about this restaylengovy cardan. So I caught up with such a fate Sneem tinker. One morning there was a terrible creaking, like how to block sorvonnuyu back in the drum. In fact, it turned out that this universal joint singing. Duck's play at crossings…
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