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Place for fire extinguisher.

More old photos. A place for the extinguisher was found behind a plastic lining of the trunk. With sawing metal made a small propyl and voila. Even when completely clogged trunk always have access to it. Almost the perfect place for a fire extinguisher. On the other hand in the same niche are stored; ax,…
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As I put HBO.

What will put HBO was decided immediately after the purchase of Patra. left to decide where to put the service. tk. I live in two cities Samara / Togliatti began to learn the price issue. Togliatti all tags voiced little cheaper. MaksGaz found a company where the action was, and still, when you install HBO…
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Shelf in the trunk.

In the trunk of many cars and Patriots in particular contains nemerenoe number of all kinds of important stuff. This tow ropes and snatch, the tool set (at least two drawers), a rusty pipe extension, boots, etc. generally dofiga all. Bedlam ordinary What would all this bedlam once sorted and distributed in the trunk owners…
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