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blame nezamerzayku

Good evening everyone! Frosts in Volgograd to hit - 22, as it were the first test of strength and unadjusted after the fall. Ended in a barrel nezamerzayku decided to top up, I think I will look at the same time as there is additional. Pump fares, in all the flows, and already the third…
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Everything will come in handy on the farm.

Looking through old photos, I found some of the machine and decided to share. Maybe it's someone who will need. Once upon a time he worked in the company engaged in supplies. Was there a party tray for defective animals. I took them for storage of tools and all bolts and screws in the garage.…
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Replacing fluids.

I started with the engine cooling, as there was a leak from the bottom nozzle and the system was antifreeze. Nipple put on sealant and compress clamp, the new was not in stock UAZ CONTRACT. Now the system antifreeze brand AGA Z40 operating range from -40 to +123 C. The engine flooded Shell Helix 5W40.…
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