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Car Winch Electric Winch 12v 12000LBS.16000 RUB 2 tr delivery ZhelDorEkspeditsiya came this week with Vlad on Yamal. I tested the winch and anchor the result satisfied
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How it all began!

This car took to the organization, which once acquired it for their own use one of the branches in the city of Usinsk. Auto intended for transportation of a brigade, which served remote objects, or pipes, or something else. Accordingly, in the winter, there was snow on the belt, and in summer, the roads and…
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Beast Technical condition Part1 General

Good day, In this article, I will talk about the current. Grizzly state. As I mentioned earlier, the car was in the use of the organization in the Komi Republic. TCP car 2011. We bought it in June 2012 and immediately sent to the site. In fact, the operation of the car was about 2…
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