10 Rules of winter driving.

10 Rules of winter driving.

? 1. SPEED.
Regardless of the condition of the road surface, it is necessary to properly evaluate the car grip. The speed limit should be reduced by 2 times, and reset the speed dial should be smooth.

? 2. . PARKING
When leaving the vehicle for a long time, do not put it on the hand brake - can freeze to the brake pads. It can be put under the windshield wipers small plastic items to brush wipers are not frozen to the glass. Seals doors and trunk recommend wipe dry, and it is desirable to handle the special tools.

? 3. TURNS.
Reset speed is necessary before the turn while the wheels are straight. In turn the need to go to a transmission without increasing, and reducing speed. You must constantly be ready to drift.

? 4. Morning procedures.
If the car spent the night on the street, do not be lazy to clean the car completely, and even the roof. When braking, the snow from the roof can move down to the windshield. It is necessary to clear the air intakes of the engine and interior heater.

In winter it is necessary to give preference to engine braking. Before braking carefully assess the condition of the roadway.

? 6. TRAVEL fresh snow.
It must be overcome immediately, without increasing or reducing the speed. Turn in the snow must be at the greatest radius, to reduce the resistance of the snow machines.

? 7. By snowfall and fog.
It is necessary to reduce the speed, turn on the low beam and fog. Avoid overtaking. If the visibility is much worse - stop the car on the roadside and place the warning triangle

8.?. Icy roads.
In this section of the road braking distance is increased by 2-3 times. Avoid falling into the icy track.

? 9. . Traffic in the city
Before leaving, use the online services of traffic jams and road conditions - may be more rational use of public transport. Have a supply of the distance to the vehicle in front so you can overtake if he zabuksuet.

? 10. Severe frosts.
The main problem of motorists - is starting. If weather forecasters promise to -25 and below - it is recommended to pick up the battery back home, to reduce the loss of his capacity. It is necessary to warm up the engine and transmission, interior to heat.

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