Another visit to AVM. Small repairs.

Zastrekotali somehow valve at me, well, I went to AVM
Lesch adjusted, strёkot left:.)

Another visit to AVM. Small repairs.
and said that leaking pump, but the working cylinder of coupling a snotty little.
and then somehow got under the hood, check the oil level, tormozuhi, but the clutch, and noticed that the clutch something almost completely gone o_0, poured slurry.
Just popped in memory "Change to SRC and is leaking."
Immediately joined the AVM garage for repairs, and that several times not to go, I decided to replace immediately the pump, clutch hose, SRC, handbrake lever (I have it bent = /), wire short and long, back pads, brackets
Pump -.. Belmag
it is better to take the original, with a plastic impeller or impeller looking for large size
winter -25 Now the machine is heated up to 92 degrees, I think, as if the summer does not overheat (this. the scoring is thought to remove nafig yellow Carlson and put the fan).
Just 2 months ago digested me the same when iron muzzle, but this will be a separate post to fit the photo:)
And yes, thank you to all subscribers that read me, and even new subscribers appear)
So do not write in vain, and there is an advantage:)
ps And yet out of the neck of the valve cover slightly leaking oil, and I have prepared so tasty snacks - Upload =)
As the saying goes, to be announced ...

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