Carburetor and Subscribers

Put the carburetor after bulkhead settled some difficulties decided winds started up and stalled steeper still hear Accum pulls evening friend decided to light did not grasp the spark on the timer goes from candles do not know to set the last key 19 apparently filled candles akkamulyator taken on charging in the garage, thanks to a friend Lech. Tomorrow I'll go to the garage for Batteries and head candle and I will look there.
Well now about subscribers and a half months nabralost 138 people I am very glad that spachibo help me support and is ready to respond in kind.Thank you, and good health to you. Soon continuation of the garage and accomplish your goal as the head of a street is not particularly tricky cold. A tashit not as drip brake master cylinder all have parts, and eventually garage tight aoka think the weekend all to master.

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