driver Prayer

driver Prayer

Holy ICE nitrosslavit us all, and so will choke us, and so does not fall, he will never let the valve will be 6 per cylinder and so they open up , protect us, holy tuning from oil starvation valve hovering and overbusta, and that we know we are one force LSD rubber burning, but will save us a 6-point support, and we will be broken because of the strength of coilovers our yes benzonoslovit us ECU and may save us from the ubiquitous Knock! In the name of the piston, connecting rod and the Holy Oil ketch kana!

"The Lord in front, guardian angels at the sides and rear! Lord, save and protect us! Amen "

Yes bypass you and your suspension holes and hatches demons open, but do not cleave unto thee policeman prodigal, in the name of tinted black, the forehead seamed, landing kolkhoz = low and xenon)

? Mother-road, because in you we are your children, and bow their heads as a sign of respect for you. you rule of life, and dispose of our destinies. Give us strength not to go astray true and not given us our mentor -. the freedom and let the wind and the dust will be your our guides on your vast expanses
In the name of the pot and the piston and holy gorjuchki.!

Dear heavenly spirit, thank you that the world is a direct injection nitroxide into a cylinder, four-stage turbine, dvustepenchatye turbines, titanium springs ...

driver Prayer

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