Happy New Year everyone! results of 2016 and plans for 2017

All Dravovchan a Happy 2017 year)
Summarizing the last year we can say that the main task of the assembly turbo motor was performed at 100%, where in July the machine has been set up in the HMG (Haker 79) it is estimated power amounted to 1 bar - 260 hP, 1.5 bar - 330 hP (This year, the power will froze at the Dino-stand)
For the season turned out to make not so many trips, but turned out to be the most successful race with GOLF R7 stage-1 (370 hp, mechanics) with 60 to go 200 + - exactly the pressure 1.2 bars ...
- In terms of settings have small flaws but before the start of the season we will solve them, in the first place is to configure the pressure, I want to make pressure on transfers where the maximum pressure to put on the transfer of 3-4-5 (1.3-1.4 bar to the end is not yet decided) in order to raise a little more engine power with respect to the races with golf ...
- Lawn control at the moment it is not, we do not install it on my decision because I put a box and without it.

Well, one of the major improvements in 2017 will install a new gearbox, I stopped the choice on a number of enhanced 104 main pair 4.13 lock-Difa, all stick to the old bezschupovoy body ... assembly PPC will also be held in HMG!

Happy New Year everyone! results of 2016 and plans for 2017
On the other completions long too early to say that ... because. First you need to make a scheduled!
Good luck and success in the new year, let your iron horses you do not fail!

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