Magnum heater

All good health and coming. Today machine swept the city, adding to a run of 300 km.
Back brought himself heater Magnum for 1100 of the old delivery. The new party by 2400, but there is nowhere to put -Garage busy still warm, Stepashko - avtoodeyalo "Avtoteplo", the rest of the railway fraternity - 210 liters of the 92go. At the mire that we sell below 20 - do not start, and the above -All still not coming. It should be enough for six to eight weeks. People brought food. Before unloading brother called the machine "Dagestan", because mud flaps, almost on the ground. I'm sorry, of course, but - circumstances. Usually do not abuse
"Dollar Baby" thank you -. Without failure, heat, light, soft
Health to you and your iron friend, smooth roads


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