Pulled. Cure. Went.

In general, friends, stood almost 4 days in the parking lot, the machine went for treatment to my friend Vita in garage cooperative "Pobeda". It is located on the other by me end of town, and about 20 km I was pulling on a tie the driver, who gave me one of the enterprises, which have my union cell.
So we arrived, I left Vite keys, and went on business.

After just half an hour Victor calls me and says - you can come to pick up, it is ready.
On it done:
- to change the fuel pump with a copy of "Pekar" in the original Soviet moved, but pochemu-to reverse (ie the fuel supply tube comes from the radiator and pipe the output to the carburetor comes from the salon) - 50 USD
- bought tubes for the fuel pump to replace the old More Soviet (they survived - I'll never know, but while they have it) - 50 UAH
- different little things such as gaskets and sealants - 50 more hryvnia
- friendship and golden hands Viti - priceless; -)

The machine went as went - quite cheerfully.

The only thing that has already left from Viti, I realized that I had frozen windscreen wipers. I froze them and failed. So what drove carefully.

Today I have a bit unwell, so that tomorrow or the day after frostbitten wipers and go nakonets-to change the oil, because it is already chernyuschee, a feeling that soon will begin to thicken)))

all - drive))


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