With the initial steps in the construction of old school jig, I would like to start directly with the interior
At the moment, there are kopeeshnaya seats: front (mustard) back (brown). Are the sad black card in a deplorable state with VAZ-2106, the torpedo 06 in a terrible state to fight, black steering wheel with boat and the usual black floor! It would be desirable that all trash be replaced by a native or non-defective in the state namely, to put the wheel vases 2101-2102 (with ring) torpedo with wooden inserts, seats in a circle of bright red color, not necessarily the VAZ-2103 and it is natural for them card Replace floor trim in the same color and of trivia: the rearview mirror and side mirror (chrome) with a rose will deal later
If somewhere appeared infa about the salon or you are selling, please write to the PM will be glad! )

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