Well it's time to say goodbye to Zhigulenko. With all the love in the car, keep it where it was not really. The buyer was found in Moscow. Phoned, agreed well, as usual. The man asked to overtake the car in Msc. Well, it is necessary it should be. Buy her much b / u winter tires, take out insurance in the way. Come together with your friend.

That's it . Well, in general everything went well, and where is the next day we arrived. We met with the buyer, and drove issued. Nothing boded trouble, until the inspector does not check the docks began with the machine. And then ... I do not know how I could, but it did not bother buying check the chassis number. The ambush was the fact that the two figures in the TCP were mixed up. The same applies to the JTS. Scribe. What to do? We took the docks and went back drooping booth. By train. Houses error corrected. Sent back to the docks to the buyer. Today Komsomol got registered in the MSC. Now she maskvichka). SchA car do not worry, she got into a good and competent hands. I am sure will be happy in their new homeland.

That's it

Do not straining)

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