The trouble is over

The next day, after finding trouble with rods, I took them off, bent rings under saylenblok back and strengthened, scalded them on all sides, pictures do not do the replacement jet thrust is not considered because they are practically new, we just have spare parts such " good ", I took the band 5? 50 sawed lengthwise strips 4 made 5? 25, length 20 cm. and welded (grab, bends hammer then scalded) turned out I wrapped ring saylenblokov this band, so nothing can break off and do not come off now only need zapresovat new saylenbloki those scorched by welding, but this problem is not possible when where there is a press zapresovat ask, but you can in your garage if there is a big gripe, gripe I have experience and have to replace, but the garage is not on that will be waiting for spring)) and saylenbloki is on sale together with sleeves

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