In the video, a lot to say, again a ton of time to think out. And as Catroux, and the Nameless. I still wildly lacking tools, which means money, which means you need as soon as possible to work, and therefore nifiga time will not be ...)) But gradually, will definitely move things with their kids.


Nakuralesil malovasto. )

1 - Strip the spotlight and the rim stops, I can not find a good pair repeater povorotov.Byt tomorrow can start to cook in stainless moldings.

2 - Rama chukha good, though there is a slight curvature, in particular, it is associated with a pipe welded into the left door. When she cooked for me, not only that the seams terrible of my life, so also the crooked welded been in many places. Trusting in this place again, again, on a rush ... In her mouth gingerbread! ))) But the side amplifiers are only two places still doreshayu as little Dowar. Crooked wind annoying too. But she has not welded properly. It is still virtually 2nd parts. )

3 - studs could not break into the unit while unscrew broke tap holder, you have a brand new, udalenky ...) Let's see something out. The exhaust is almost always a sore point in this regard, so that all the rules, so to speak. )

4 - sets the shock absorber on the engine, with the M10. Rather, styling, and so, just in case. )

5 - I do not start with the generator works, but nice thought out and fixing scheme "perfected ideas" again. I want a double. Next Bhuidhe in the distance. )

6 - Levers. Their fate is almost predetermined. I just want more for themselves koe-chto clarify chto-to fear not to take into account ...


most sensible for this day. ) Seems to laugh. ))) And somehow all gloomy sullen, on itself does not look like ...

And so, like the order. Only it is necessary for the baby's location is good, and a mobile stand for on the Nameless Likhachev motor do want a simulator, horizontal bar, too. Yes, actually, Wishlist sold is not childish. )))

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