2142? Again? Yes, and the truth in 2142!

2142? Again? Yes, and the truth in 2142!

the case in life ...
Conceived for I, for the manufacture of the car in 2142 from a long body, even the body bought, even all went according to plan, and virtually instant zamahivaniya grinder over the poor body murenistym HF, the phone rang. The tube - UnexpectedJaws . Dialogue the following -
- Hello, Andrei, hello! Would you like to put it mildly, surprised
-? Hello! Well, just try to surprise me ...
- I'll come to my garage, and then the uncle, I had not particularly seen, and here look
-. Taaaak ...
- He's 42 minutes, a short .
- (er)
- I coordinate it took night pictures strip off

Waiting for the evening, when he saw the photos, I was ready ehatbezhat where it is necessary, but! The time was getting late, and getting a phone number, I called the next day only. The tube of any one number no one would. Two days later, call back the man himself, being quite adequate and decent appointments date for communication and the dialogue
, drove in the garage, I was met by a man with the words -.
- Hello, you Prince Vladimir, I see. Normal. And I have a short Prince Vladimir!

Omitting details of conversations, I have designated my undisguised interest in the car. He proposed three options - 1) exchange for my CV with a surcharge
2) exchange Renogor in good form, I find
3) the cash equivalent
What I heard that, "We believe in the same path, saying, about the exchange. I am now attracting Lada pyatiletochki. "
I, to my shame, or fortunately, did not know how much it costs. Therefore, we agreed that I see, know and we will communicate again.
A few days later, already knowing that the above is desired between 200 and further, I called and said he found a few options, but we need to see them. Of course, my options were clearly lower price segment, and to spend in 2142, whatever it was, 200+ million - in my plans did not stand
Well, then.? We met again sat seeing options Lad, then I call that has already been sold, something ale.Tak several times
In one of the conversations I have said almost disappointed -. "EI, well maybe you still think of money's worth?", And received the answer," Let's see ... ", and the conversation again ended in nothing. Some time later, I called the owner and said that he agreed finally on the monetary side. We agreed on Wednesday, security will call Tuesday night. I will not describe conversations , questions of registration under the new rules, alas, has not yet got used to the consciousness of people, especially who this did not face up to a point
As a result -. the car was purchased for a decent amount, becoming the most expensive car in my practice of motoring .
And then there was a problem, that in 2142, I gave all the money that was. And to eat, as we know, it would be desirable. And the second reason - "gestalt is completed", the desired car - found, therefore, need to Prince Vladimir disappeared
Some time ago about my CV has asked me several people.. Komu-to I replied that will change - and then think, komu-to, I positioned it is to ride in the winter more than anything, so alas.
Desirable course would attach in the hands of decent, although I knew that the car was driving quality, hardly fair. Ride - good - warm, fast, cheap. A look longer "cake" ...
Well, that's just today decided to issue, at the car Prince Vladimir - the new owner, as I think it's an excellent hand for the continuation of its operation. I hope that the car will continue to serve him just as unpretentious and without problems, as well as to me these 2 years
And as "zamanuhi" to a new record on a new car - take a look at photos from the meeting 10.12.16 plant, which and was lit for the first time a new car!

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