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evenings potionku a pair of hours sometimes up to 5 am engaged in the capture of the animal, the electrician, the main thing that then there were-goat)))). 4 block well, but negotoka advantage of important consumers a fuse, but the block on the duo-BYT.voznikayut some questions, therefore, appeal to the owners of 4 blocks as you terminals M1 and M2, where and what are tied, just what for vzadny harness is 15/1? perhaps through the rear harness connector, 15/1 comes from the generator in unit? what for the rear harness cable 21?or just harness this lemon, still it has dissolved, front tow formed on the basis renoshnogo harness, panel is estimated on the basis of the panel from the VAZ-2103, also by tidy vases 21093.

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