A Brief History of automobile KIM – MZMA – AZLK and sports cars of glory "Moskvich".

A Brief History of automobile KIM - MZMA - AZLK and sports cars of glory "Moskvich".

That was the last "check-out" "Moskvich-2137", known as "red tram" in its present state. Within 2 days it will go to full disassembly and body works. A newsreel presented here will live their lives.

Many thanks to television and radio management, free allocated 26 minutes of airtime, operators and engineers mounting, outside normal working hours to compile this story, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the automobile "Moskvich".

Special thanks to all the readers logbook "Moskvich" for help in finding ideas newsreel footage for sending. In the credits at the end of the story they referred to as "Community Drive2.ru site." Not all of the ideas failed to realize, there was a set of videos (they will last for a full-length 2-part film) in the vaults, but the deed is done, and done well on the whole. It is able to "pull" the topic "Moskvich" to the location of the TV and Radio Company, and for the regional media - it is a prerequisite

The next time we can start up on the screen is not earlier than 6 months.. Unless, of course, we are able to prove that the significance of

So:.. Newsreel "conquered - everything but not time to go"
Section: The country's history, history of the region
Audience - 75 000 spectators. .
The main part of the audience - students and young people up to 25 years, and the people of pre-retirement and retirement age (70% of the total audience)

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