About that, and this is …

About that, and this is ...

surprising fact - the van at the meetings at the plant twice as much threw tricks - for the first time, there was just unreal, the benefit is not in motion - cranked the steering gearbox! As it turned out, during disassembly - cracked in half clip! This had not been a transcendent play or biting incident ... If I could only say thank you to the car right steering wheel - just try to pull the steering gearbox to the shaft on the left steering wheel car? Here, by unscrewing the three screws to the spar and three of the steering shaft bushings, raskontriv nut on the pitman arm and removing it - he pulled reducer shaft into the wheel arch of the right wheel. Thank Glory - got into his car, flew to the parking lot, found there a working gearbox, another 20 minutes - and voila, everything is in place, directly at the factory
Well, the second fault was potekshey tube that comes in GVUT from. -this bad flaring. Valtsuya forgot to let go of the end for the second sleeve, here - and after some time potekshaya liquid. Problem eliminated again straight from the factory, acquiring only the brake fluid.

And finally the car in the vision of Maxim Tomosheva.

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