And -children's home again, kids and "Moskvich".

And -children's home again, kids and "Moskvich".

third visit to the orphanage in Mstera had 6 of November - Birthday of the Moscow Automobile Plant named after Lenin Komsomol. By this time we knew that the interests of local residents do not just diverse, they are still not fixed. Draw cars like two boys. And they still have to learn to pay attention to some details. At the same ones that distinguish the figure "Moskvich" of "Lada" and "Zaporozhets." While more car for the kids - it's just a mechanical thing on four wheels. As the toys available in the children's home, they know that there is a "Ferrari", "Lamborghini", "Jeep" ... what you do not see - do not know. No place to get information, because of the Internet in their abode there, and the library in the local school, alas, is far from the standards that exist in the schools since the Soviet Union. Baby comprehensive books on the art they no longer hold as the magazines "Technology towards the youth", "Model Construction", "Be Your Own Master" ... etc.
Movies available in the orphanage video library, as far from those that affect the development of the mind and intelligence. Basically - primitive Hollywood picture, where the whole plot is built on the running around, moving, and humor - by idiotic facial expressions and ridiculous lows. November 6 here watched "Home Alone". From this we can conclude that the overall development of children lag behind those raised in normal families for 2 - 3 years. So that our visits to the children's home there was the task of filling the information vacuum at the local guys.

There are children among lovers of active leisure. They tend to spend more time on the playground. There is a children's home and his "Kulibin" - minor "specialist" whose hands are good friends with any tool, and the head perfectly solves the problem by repairing the wiring or the tap. In this our arrival it was constructed with Michael elektrofontanchik the aquarium. We made less than an hour. . Moreover, no short circuit and "walks" on de-energized the building

Since the "Moskvich" on this trip could not participate - he had already embarked on body repair, it had to provide its virtual presence. Firstly, he was a poster with pictures of the most interesting project to restore or maintain the vehicles emblems MZMA, AZLK and IL (second poster has been pictures with "Muscovites", borrowed from different sites). Secondly, in bad weather days, sitting at home I thought to do to the car kind of "family album." In it, each spread has been dedicated or "ancestors" My AZLK-2137, or the events of our life together with him. The idea - those "visual aids" will help save children from the interest in the car during the cold period. Until then, until the warmer and the days become longer, and 19 kilometers from Mstera to Vyaznikov in the cabin of the school bus will not seem so long.

Historic reversals album contains a photo of epoch-making car brands and images corresponding to a given time, supplemented from my family archive photos. That is - a collage on the eras and events

01.. Ford A-CMM and the beginning of the creation of the domestic auto industry.
02. KIM-10, and a time of great flights, caravans, traveling. As the poet said: "Great time, beautiful ideas and bold solutions and the songs" ...
03. Great Victory and the first "Moskvich", the decision of which the production was made in 1945.
04. "Moskvich" -402/407/403 family "- the same age as the beginning of the space age
05.." Moskvich-408 "- the ancestor of the famous" Elite "family
06.." Moskvich-412 "(Elite 1500 M ) - sports pride of the country
07 "Moskvitch 2140" (Elite-1500 is the S) -.. representative of the time when the car is no longer a shortage of domestic car industry annually produces 1.3 million passenger cars
08... World Olympic Games in Moscow and created in honor of their "Muscovites" SL and SR versions.
09. Start of the project "2137 VSL". The lack of suitable photos helped by category images community site. (As it is a pity that in those years, as director of the plant KSTT "OSVAR" I paid little attention to this machine).
10. Many years later. Return to the project "2137 VSL". As once MZMA / AZLK moved from the production of one car to another without stopping the assembly line, and we are rebuilding the car without its immobilization. Simply items sent for restoration, are replaced by others taken from the donor car.
11. 2012 - the year of the Mayan predictions and the return of "Muscovites" in a big motor racing. Nome is also not alien to the sporting aspirations. Especially - in the classic big rally and rally-raids
12.. year 2012. "Moskvich" participates in the inter-regional rally of members Smallcar-club and teaches students the basics of motorsport Vyaznikovskogo area.
13. year 2012. "Muscovites" participate in the rally-raid "Silk Road".
14. year 2013. Supplement the ideas of the project "the VSL 2137" new sports reality (seat belts, homologated fuel tank, seat frame ...).
15. year 2013. Start of work on the second "edition" of the project "2137 VSL".
16. year 2013. Photo session, devoted to the 95th anniversary of the Young Communist League and the 45th anniversary of the assignment Moscow Lenin Komsomol Automobile Plant.
17. 2913. Entering the modern project "2137 VSL-2" of those who worked on the first version in 1986.
18. The first results of a lot of work. Reborn interior elements.
19. 35 years since the birth of our "Moskvich-2137".

album is not finished yet. In it is not enough free turns. But they will get only the work that completes any significant milestone in the revival of the machine.
Now, telling the kids about what era or autostructure development or revival of our "Moskvich", I can show them the collage-illustration. In addition, the house has an additional album, which can take guests until I set the table, I cut lettuce and make tea.

Good luck and good winter!

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