Deep Purple?

The first person whom I called, when it took the car - became my great friend - Vanguard , which said that there It will arrive, after such an event not to be missed! He himself, as we know it - also the car in 2142, silver color, but with this 42 th "snout", what will seek me. But Leo E. inspecting svezhepriobretennoy car, he said that the car something is missing ... And by opening your car hands me a set of standard cast wheels 2141-42, the correct name, which I unfortunately do not know. That's a gift to buy, even on winter tires, specially assembled! What can I say, man - super-decent
Not once I managed to get on the set, it is no banal, the jack at hand, when I have time!. But, finally, yesterday, still updated and wheels, and as a result - the car. It was very interesting! Funny, that kind of car sedan very characteristic changes from standing wheels - Krista as the widest wheels, one that crab - make it "flattened" and aggressive, with the proviso that the "face" - a narrow, cutter - makes sense they forgot to "stretch", with respect to the Prince Vladimir, and the wheels, as narrow - make stately, somewhat lean when viewed frontally exactly ...
Alas, Movil and is anti-gravity spoil the view, as some tint of blue paint. I tried to wash Movil solvent - has not given effect, but there will be time - definitely try mineral spirits and Asphalt stain cleaners. I think it will be more effective. But in these photos the car finally looks Eggplant and looks that purple like me and think shade, but some saw this shade like Deep Purple ...
A last photograph - breathtaking picture Vanguard , which is actualized my fantasies on paper! It is not very spectacular?

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