So, my friends, all your squeezed for us with Charlie cams did not give us the abyss. Reports to: two weeks time, a certain amount of money, 40 liters of gas and petrol to razezdy in MREO and back, plus a couple of kilometers exhausted nerves from the start of the epic, we still got the coveted passport legalized list of all the changes made.
I express my deep gratitude Andrey aka Dolphin with fraternal forum for help with the official passage of scientific and technical expertise in UkrNiiAVTODORE, policeman Uncle Sasha - for access to the not very scrupulous in matters of preparation of the report of the primary inspection ts to prepare documents to be sent to Kiev expert polite and friendly lady in the window of registration applications and to all my regular readers who have been waiting for this moment with us and worried us. His "fe" the seven circles of hell and terry bureaucracy which supposedly lyustrirovana and eliminated under the "confident leadership" Pan Avakov will not speak - all everyone knows

In the future, who suddenly feel an urge to step on. my rake, paint algorithm LEGAL conversion ts:

1) constitutes a "technical inspection certificate tf" with in MREO indicating "act is made for changes in the design." (Given the already established 30 years ago and a new hodovka 12 years ago - Taz Motor, get this piece of paper by legal means failed, do not step on a rake and get my first, the judges, and then everything else). Price question - 123 USD in cash (with the bank's commission - 140 UAH, plus a "magic glasses" expert, that saw a passport nodes)
2) we send all the documents (certificate + scan data sheets in ukrniiavtodor asking about the possibility of entering into construction your desired changes (price depending on the manufactured upgrades based on the precedent of using installed at remaking units by the manufacturer of the car, the most "biting" the moment was just setting tazodvizhka, UZAM would legalize cheaper)
3) received an approving response to the charter letterheadapplications that are present links to laws and regulations, which do not contradict these should change, begin to look for a certified one hundred, or that you will make these changes, or agree to subscribe to the modifications produced by you. As a result, we have one more piece of paper with dodatkami, which describes all over your cars Artwork procedure. (Price is negotiable, depending on the quality and adequacy of work performed)
4) available in the hands of a bundle of waste paper go to MREO, which take the form "application for re-registration of cars for retrofit without replacing the license details (again, we have to These include a body, frame and chassis) is paid back expertise and new passport kill three days on stage and running around, and here it is - the coveted piece of plastic with gologrammkami and inscriptions:.)


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