Once I casually spoke about the process of replacement pads. Perhaps for many, this activity is not new, but for me the contrary, and I would like to share my impressions and my ways. "Fun" is still what I realized by looking at their location and attachment points.
At first thought to remove the pillow away from the paws, but in view of successfully located fasteners do not allow in the general layout. Okay, I thought, and unscrewed the bolt holding the pillow on the beam, and began to try to substitute the jack "Bank" under the crankcase, which I do not quite succeed, because of the distance from the case to the board that covered the pit. I had to be subverted by means of a screw domkrata.Podnimayu while watching the right pillow and I see that apart from the raised paw pads

I had to use Kama Sutra poses, to get his paw and unscrew from the block. On the left side all the same one with access to the fixing nut having no longer a convenience rather than a right, as well as normal crawl and unscrew prevented oily layer of soot. But I still coped)
stints guide pads in the beam is still fun, for me the nerves and time-consuming process. After this procedure, I started the engine - the cabin went hum together with the vibration. After a few kilometers of the grooved rumble along with the vibration disappeared, most likely due to the fact that settled the pillow.
Basically, I was glad that replaced them, but the problem remained tormented me - jerks at breakaway from their seats. I have sinned in the clutch disc, because everything that could create these jerks I replaced or adjusted. But it turned out as always very simple - failures. On the advice of Niko2137 I increased the gap on the spark to 0.9 mm and then the failures have disappeared, and I am extremely happy. Since August this tormented)
Then rigged ignition timing and Moskvich really started to blame - a place almost on the body pulled Kalina, right after switching to the third transmission Kalina pulled me)
Many who have written in their BZ about snow , I will not and I except)

I do not like at all the winter, IMHO the most rotten time of the year not only because of the chem. Attacks on the roads. I do not like and that's it. Well shchito do have to go on living)
Picture taken after nearly a week of downtime. That day I decided it was time to really change the high-voltage wires, and then I have this question for a long time tormented, they say like that? Candles, a switch, and the slider cover tramblera I changed and got to the wire. Do not order. And besides the same old straight wire significantly penetrated, especially middle that goes to the coil. I understood that, when the question of the presence of sparks. Usually it looks, putting on the body, and I felt just holding a wire)
The main criteria for the selection of candidates to replace the spent wires were not biting the price and quality. I went and looked and came across here is that:

Releaser of the same company is well-proven though the fact that it was quite civilized and had packed in grease moving parts "from the box" as well as the quality of execution of the part itself. Well, for more than 10 thous. Km drive in different road conditions, mostly in traffic, it is not humming. Bought wire this company, in general, do not hesitate. So, we can say the result of all this work on the motor for the time of possession of the car I:

And this is the way let the cold. Why is that at the time did not think to warm up the car, or at least show the temperature of the engine for reliability. So much better than it was before.
is true with the onset of cold weather the engine somehow sluggish began to spin when running as if the oil becomes thick. And maybe the battery decided pougarat with me. Just when pulling away after it has heard in the back of some crisp-chattering sounds. I sin again in the oil, only this time in the gearbox, because last winter there was no oil, and therefore these sounds were not the same. Zalit not NIGROL. And maybe the ice springs crunches, do not know what it is, in general, then. And the stove somehow rotten warms up and running only one speed.
Actually, I had planned to stay in the garage before the start of winter and start to disassemble the machine for subsequent reconstruction. But as we have seen - is not destiny, and the cause is the lack of suitable options with a garage (need to pit, or at least with a high ceiling, closer to home and within 1500R per month) as well as other some of the factors that force to continue operation of the machine at this time of the year.
As well as the opportunity to continue to collect a variety of parts, in vneshke in principle, there are not many find:
-2 eared disk
-2-3 cap
-one Schild on wing
-fortochki in the front doors
-moldingi thresholds
-zerkalo Burdock at a time
in general that on '76 looked at from the outside, after the restoration works) With the interior has as far as possible I will understand.
And what about the running - some parts I have, which are not - buy / receive a gift is not a problem. The main strained with decorative elements.
On this I finish my story, thank you all for your attention)

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