Hot Rod and custom calendar 2013, own creativity.

Hot Rod and custom calendar 2013, own creativity.

So, a new calendar - new ideas. At this time everything is going deeper into the present: the calendar is dedicated to hot delivery and custom bikes on the basis of the Soviet classic cars (everything except the "Zhiguli")
Favorite Plant "Moskvich" is the fourth volume - 3 months.. The processing craftsmen were 401 th, 407 th and 412 th Muscovites
Other participants:. GAZ-M1, GAZ-21, Victory, GAZ-24, GAZ-51, ZAZ-965 ZAZ-968, and as exotics like the ZIL-157 and Russo-Balt. Many participants from this site.
The idea and design of my photo, in part, the other authors are listed, edition for their money, distribute the same on their own

publication format as last year -. A3 vertical, 12 months, cover and carton for stiffness of the back. Quality - as in the past year. The price is almost the same as our response to inflation;)

1 Price calendar I = 260 p
In Russia, along with e-mail obtained by registered mail in the area of ​​380-400 p

<.. p0> Applications write here or on my mail: bronehodchik @

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