I took part and rolled on the Muscovites city.

Took today past, or may not, have parts of their former hozyaina.On quietly somewhere pulls out every time and calling, they say, come, find something chto.V this time I was lucky with this case, it is a major success Schild Moskvich 434! I thought I'd never naydu.Pogonyal the city, drove to a gas station, an incredible oschuscheniyaOOOA YouTube does not want to load the bastard, try more vecherom.Vsem dobra.Poka on vsёODruzya words, I have an hour can not upload a video to YouTube computer, to lay sdes.Prosto bluntly writes that he can not, try again later and do something with the connections of.Can anyone know how else mozhnoeto do? Or maybe they have a system glitch due to overload? Who faced etim.Ved earlier video cargo without problem.Pomogite, people, and then I'm weak and computers bespomoschen.Zaranee thank you.

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