Inspection and drying cabin


Here, finally, 423 again had a roof over his head.

a long presence in the open air is not the best way affected the car.

In the past, he got from the children - dents on the roof. And from the rain - corrosion on the feathers and external elements of the

Friday it was rain.. Having moved down to the towing vehicle proceeded briskly enough "to tie" to its new location. To his surprise, without any problems alone pushed it into the garage.

At the weekend stood out free time and I decided to examine in more detail the car, to conduct an audit.

rolled out of the garage and opened all the doors, it became clear that the car urgently need to be dried. interior floors resembled swamp. But the saddest thing was that the water in the two thresholds.

With a cloth and vacuum removed all the water and mud from the interior. He took off the front and rear seats, sill. Lower the threshold vykovoril rubber plugs Unfortunately spoiling everything you need now new look. But I think it's no problem. All water merged.

The photos can be seen that the metal in good condition. A through hole no. What do you think, dear readers? In my normal.

The only thing I was disappointed in the whole body, it is to bend one spar. But more on that later. When get to the bottom.

In general, the next two weeks to dry the car, while I carefully prepared to repair the floor.

By the way I would also like to note the car grooming. It is evident that he was watched and tended. All must work - work. What should otkruchivatsya - unscrewed. Inside the cabin there are "improvements". They do not catch the eye and, in my opinion, quite successfully made

I decided to most of these details leave than, of course, strongly depart from its main rules -. Full flow

. the heater is of course the same will replace and will return "home". This will be building Hotel entry.

I am the way, the upper part of the heater, the one that is attached to a body ( "shell»).

See photos. Evaluate the condition. Always glad to reasonable criticism and advice.

Thank you for your attention!

Inspection and drying cabin


Inspection and drying cabin

From another angle

Inspection and drying cabin

After cleaning

Inspection and drying cabin

After harvesting. Another view.

Inspection and drying cabin

Cargo space

Inspection and drying cabin

note the spacers back support slide front seats. What are they made, I do not understand. But machined very carefully, that would not have stood out from under the feet.

Inspection and drying cabin

And here note the Strengthening of the bolts of the door handles. I have not seen such. But it is better than the standard Phillips screwdriver.

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