more and more green

the autumn is especially important, more greens and bright colors
some denёk rainy turned out, once again good for painting)
Well, actually what pull all so long ago lay prepared and in the soil

more and more green
peretёr, cleaned, veil and ...

more and more green
hood just 4 layers, DYNA not very fluid paint, so you can if otverdosa not much to pour)))

more and more green
compared with that done, it remains a relatively small
so ... small things dopylit and apron, but also ready to hangthere was no place, so that later

more and more green
gaps stand, there is still work to do!
but the finishing assembly will at home, in the plans more Shumka, carefully hide the wiring in the corrugations and remaking door cards)))
problems with time even for a blind Mazda is already provarkoy and Esox, the assembly of the motor in the final stage and the car on the slipway, to fit the bridge of the E28

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