natural casing factory sidewalls fight

do not know happened this video on Vimeo.poetomu duplicates with yutuba.I most importantly, these are the skin side insertions that were set from the factory, I am with him specifically about them razgovarival.Okazyvaetsya former owner had in his hands as much as 3 434 pieces, including my 2 -a new one, in which he worked, and one he had just received Izhevsk, salad color (a jar of paint promised to look, so many other things, in his barn nemeryannom any vsyachinyO) in 1971, just in such equipment as mine, one to one, including internal upholstery van bokovinok.Even retrosamorezy that screwed profile identifitsirovalOPoetomu about him, he knows everything, he worked for more than three years and finally bought myself this same! After this went on AZLK, received 434 white, on which he has worked too few let.Potom lawn, but this is another istoriya.Kstati, photo white 434 had survived, had promised to search, scan, be sure to lay out in the BZ. Talking with him about my, it was quiet it is said that when buying, the traffic police have changed the year from 71 to 76, why the story had umalchivaet.Mozhet kreterii some, emails, orders.And as for their own workers' 434-e, he said that all went to the scrap, so such things malyataOOOFoto them net.Vot White Moscow 434 menyaO I simply amazing memory of this man, even the small details remember, as if it was good vchera.Vsem and me missing parts, where I wrote vysheOOO

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