New donor – 423 of Borisoglebsk

New donor - 423 of Borisoglebsk

Friday on fresh Autocart waved with another 600 km. in Borisoglebsk. In the pics quite lively 423rd proavansirovan I was in the summer, it's time to pick up. The spectacle of nature was much sadder - a avtotrup. Taken only in order to not to go empty. But suddenly discovered in the garage nice parts, allowed to recoup the trip.
On the outskirts of the city to admire the bridge collapsed under the weight of the crane. On the way to the side of the road we saw the body exactly the same 423rd like ours. Shoot the truth from him almost nothing, and the owner drove off in Tambov.
Along the way, some asshole we clipped and Muscovite slid forward, smashing bumper winch controller. Perezakrepili anew, this time correctly, and drove home without incident. Only under Stupino have been caught by the crew of DPS. For lack of documentation on the Muscovite had to give 3000 p.
Now we have to disassembly for parts.

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