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Offered to your attention a theme profile this site and because of its appearance here, I consider it appropriate.
1 What is your position in life in cases of gross violations of traffic rules on the road?
2 How do you feel about drivers contemptuously (simply disregard) belonging to the other road users?
3 How do you feel about the fact that AutoCAD "very necessary" and he will continue to serve crap (bykovat), even if he already knew what a circus created, with persistent belief to complete the job before the end (well, just as in any ...) and the rest must be (not just have) something to quickly figure out what type do somehow contrive izebn ... razrulit situevina road, well, at least Eject, with his machine to another dimension ?! ;?
and, drumroll ...
4 How do you feel about the fact that c mess on the road, "nothing can be done"
Maybe you can?
Well as you can blah blakat about the phenomenon of human pofigizma and inadequate on the road? Why not turn to the actual effective methods to prosecute violators of traffic rules, via video fixation devices of road users who are in the stream in the neighborhood, at the epicenter of events? I mean DVR with GPS module and encouraging insider video, returning it 50% of the amount of the fine (s).
Pluses are obvious:
1 method can be very effective and will help to improve road safety
2 The method is aimed at protecting the life and health of citizens from the "Headless Horseman"
3 Method REALLY will work in Russia changing if you do not mind, or at least car "habit".
4 Countries Budget "put on weight", reducing the deficit of the latter.
the number of violations (emergency) decreased since 7-8 or 15-20 fines every day - make pay attention to this phenomenon, the owner of the car.
This measure is able to discipline the majority of motorists, and will become the norm, as the seat belt is now.
P.S. "The road is not space" (in the sense of not racing track)
Not indifferent support, supporters of other points of view - Arguments
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