Paperwork Part 1

Paperwork Part 1

rassazyval I decided to pass all circles decoration auto due to the fact that the legislation in the former Soviet Union about the same, my record can help komu-to and the

PS I myself maybe Kubrick with the same docks

just say that the profile of legal education in my not- just happened in life that a lot of practice in the fight with the traffic police first, and then with other services ( but smaller and less active) in the legal field

Moskvich 432
podkapotnoe no signs
roomBody is present - but nomeranaya panel pahabno-digested with this issue will be solved separately the issue (in the sense of doing something more or not)
that the chassis number xs

dokumenty- old-style data sheet
car registration 1977
room black

hz- where the owner is likely in the next world ...

act first.
currently under our laws with a set of any documents the rights to the car we do not have.

maximum availability of the documents shows that the traffic police and the police car that we are not dragged from the gateway

therefore necessary to look for the owner or his relatives

During the visit may be some options
1 owner zhiv- adekvaten- dogovarivaemsya- for a fee make out the letter of attorney and someone from friends
2 owner mertv- have heirs (my version) - read below
3 the owner of the dead. there are no heirs, no net-all gone. who seek hz- most difficult option

address specified in the data sheet is the nearest (35 km) Kiev suburb

Sunday morning decided to go to a place

I found quite quickly a private house on the outskirts of PGT

where during his lifetime there was a van, I do not know- there is no place at all

met me screaming Persian cat, which apparently have not fed ... than to help him, I do not znal- maybe in the car edible at all.
Up obviously does not work ...
walked around to the neighbors say tenants live, home owners rarely appear, live in the capital ...

-zashel do nothing to the plot (although I do not like this)
one part of the house is closed, the other open - but no signs of life ...
knocked again and preparing to leave (in his mind somehow began to emerge arithmetic that the machine registered the last time almost 40 years ago-during which time the house could change 3- 4 owners easily), that saw me out ...

body ... judging by the color of the face and body condition yesterday, and maybe the day before yesterdayevening was a success ...

a result of brief conversations (still or memory of something maybe was in a coma in humans), I got a phone owner of the house.

sozvonilsya- and, oddly enough, I was lucky
man on the conversation was quite sane
he was the brother of the deceased owner of Moskvich

legacy made out, but the Muscovite it does not fit.

in principle, it is enough to start.
agreed to meet and chat in the capital on the occasion of the end of the week ...

so to be continued

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