Ride Kiev – Krivoy Rog – Kiev

Ride Kiev - Krivoy Rog - Kiev

Hello readers! I planned a trip from Kiev - Krivoy Rog - Kiev. Before departure all completely re-checked, the machine is ready. For one wanted to do my alterations behave on the road.
Traveled halfway around 230 km the car began to boil, and then expel all antifreeze. To get home, I decided to get the thermostat, turn on elektroventelyator postoyanku, and the stove too. Generally I drove in Krivoy Rog, but cold as a dog, the car is more than 50 are not basking.
Coming to his parents, his father immediately drove the car to the garage and drove her. He took off his head he saw that she was broken, well that after renovation stayed another cylinder head gasket. Since time was not particularly to guide the head to check the plane decided to level a little stone. I know this farm, but there was no choice. Having collected all the places once filled the water to check (it was a pity to pour new antifreeze). I ride all day is normal. The temperature is normal, the water is not vyganyaet.
Departed back to Kiev all normal. Smiley reached the closed ignition lock, had to buy a new one. Bored in Kiev checked just in case the presence of CO in antifreeze. Now I want to remove the cylinder head and check the plane and in the presence of a crack.

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