The assembly continues. Brakes 2108

The assembly continues. Brakes 2108

As written in the previous record, acquired by GTZ and VUT 2108.

To install the VUT, had to shorten its stem, cut it to wind the threads and native stock pedal. On most pedals, I drilled a new footprint for mounting rod, I now have all the pedals are at the same level.

AZLK-native-brake pipes to the GTZ in 2108 by carving come without problems. One hole in it I drowned.

Brakes pumped one by cutting off the shovel) to the right for 40 minutes, I'll have another look at the caliper and change the rubber tube, which they are.

Sachet put that paint is not spoiled if the slurry flow. I want the future to stick to the transparent film, the armor type.

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