The assembly continues. Electrics.

The assembly continues. Electrics.

Not satisfied with my dear wiring 2140 is too complicated, not very convenient. For example, why the wires that connect the headlights pull through the salon? If they can just throw them near a radiator! And become shorter, and the loss will be less!

So now I got two blocks Fuse 13 pcs. One block is under the hood, there is everything that you need a powerful power supply - namely, the light. Since it is planned to get something else to add, the remaining fuses are very useful.
Another block is located in the cabin. From her we feed size, the stove, turns, etc. It also left a few spare fuses on the stock.

Backlight in the cabin now only on the ceiling (cargo area lighting, ceiling and over the torpedo can, over the rear passengers). Lanterns of torpedoes I removed, the use of them.

emergency gang with turns, I use the configuration VAZ, bought the relay turns on the 2108 4-pin.

stove engine put on 2110, it is necessary for him more resistance and a button.

in the dashboard instead of the ammeter electronic voltmeter set now shows when the ignition voltage. Speedometer of the WHA, I did, bought ready-made panels. Posting it displayed on the connectors, as well as the rear lights, for ease of disassembly.

Actually, the rest of all wiring is collected under the scheme IL-412 the last years of release.

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