The extra parts. Ready to sell or exchange.

As said earlier the car has got a lot of any parts. Something that I did not exactly come in handy because I spread here. The list will be changed and supplemented.
Lot number 1. Block bore pistons and cylinder head him in the appendage.
The block was already with the pistons, the state of the perfect mirror, there is no hint of rust, the pistons in the block. When the pick up they were there. The head washed, cleaned. Pasted valves, but not all. On valves with solder soldered copper staples apparently used a screwdriver that you can grind.
[img] [/ img ]
[img] [/ img ]
[img] img-[/img]Фото head [img] [/ img ]
lot number 2: The engine is almost complete. clutch housing in place, no carburetor, starter, distributor. The condition is not known given with the machine. As the price of scrap
Lot number 3:. Fuel pump assembly. When you press the lever to swap the two shake. One looks for fresh [img] [/ img ]
Lots No. 4 this ear. Rewrite failed. did not have time. At the root of the memory: 0.03; 0.5; 1; 1.25; 1.75; Connecting rod as all repairs. There are 4 sets of 407 repair. [Img] [/ img ]
Photos around later

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