The first photo – familiarity with the machine

The first photo - familiarity with the machine

I think nobody surprise, saying that for quite a long time, the monitor market for the buying interest for me auto

including almost the first stand 430 / 432 Muscovites (after 411 there is little that is surprising)

Over the past few years they floated already ... three in Ukraine ...

as in the case of 411 I of the car knew long before communication with the owners .

and if 411 I got enough to clear data from a national base for the owner of the car, then on my request for 432 nothing could help, in the electronic database of the machine is not, it is listed only in the paper version.
In what MREO-xs ... in total deadlock

The first photo of the car, I found on the forum

link on the PCT was announced but has long been removed ...

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