What are you?

What are you?

«What are you?»

Many of you will remember this phrase, saying hero Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Predator».

it is spun in my head, when I arrived and began to carefully consider your purchase.

Remembering the description of the "upgrades" grandfather (the first owner of the car) from BZ previous owner I knew that Muscovites worth 408 engine and upper arm front suspension also from 408 Muscovite. And also, for example, "plavnichok" instead of "flag" on the hood, etc. I was prepared for the fact that all this will have to clean up and look for the "native" parts of 407 Muscovites.

The first desire, of course, had to quickly start the engine. But it hurt no pump, as well as non-native generator (worth of 412 engine). The new pump was complete. I changed the oil filter and was preparing to change the pump and then my attention was attracted by hardware control relays, or rather the absence of this relay.

I'm well prepared for the first meeting and native relay (RR-24B) for the 407 engine and the generator ( D-22) was lying in the trunk. But here I was disappointed, the relay did not want to be inserted into the fixture. Peering closer, it became clear that the arrangement of regular bolt fasteners are designed for both relays. Namely P102 ...

To my shame, but then I looked at the engine compartment plate, where white on black read, "car" Moskvich "mod 424, year 1964».

Thus, we face the Muscovite 424 and the presence of 408 engine and suspension elements Muscovite 403 (408) are well founded. But then it is not clear why bachek brake, steering wheel, pedals in the floor, etc. from 407 model ...

For myself yet made the assumption that, given that the 424-th was issued from 1963 to 1965, my (1964 onwards) is a kind of transitional version.

Here. Something like this. Can anyone have any other suggestions?

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