With … ka radiator and stove valve.

With ... ka radiator and stove valve.

With the onset of cold weather began to notice that the antifreeze and leave the vehicle appeared puddle.
turned radiator with ... ka started by a tank tech.
Plus, the new duralumin LSA stove valve installed in late summer jammed in the open position.
I had to take parts namely a radiator from a previous project again.
a stove valve was purchased from brand because the Taurus I have it working fine.
Through time the radiator has been transported through the father of all of Ukraine as in other matters, and much more before me.
Then it is time to change and, in principle, it was done fairly quickly.
And the heat sink and the stove valve from brand work fine.
But the old radiator was probably thawed since the previous owner on a plastic tank burst almost all rolling and tank twisted.
Radiator course will be repaired to return to the previous project.

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