5 most important technological breakthroughs of 2016

While in Ukraine being positional battles for customs clearance and temporary import of a car "Polish plates", humanity continues to move forward science and technology. Today we will talk about five major technological breakthroughs of 2016, committed in the sphere of movable property and IT. Well, about the cars will not forget.

        5 самых важных технологических прорывов 2016 года

Postal drones

        5 самых важных технологических прорывов 2016 года

In October 2016 was launched the world's first national postal service that uses drones to deliver time-sensitive cargo. You will ask? Yes, in Rwanda , a country that survived in the 90s terrible genocide, but then to emerge from the wreckage and is currently demonstrating the wonders in the development. Especially given the African neighbors. So, the local government entered into a contract with a California company Ziplinethat contracted to manage a service to deal with the operation and maintenance of unmanned aircraft. The drones will be used primarily for urgent delivery of blood products to hospitals in Rwanda, but in the future the range of transported cargoes will steadily increase. Here it is time to strain producer of helicopters.

Virtual reality

        5 самых важных технологических прорывов 2016 года

Technology previously which goes into the insufficient computing power of desktop and mobile devices in 2016, has finally come out to the mass market. Available VR devices like the Oculus Rift capable of a few years to turn the media market — however, not only him. Using the technology of VR and augmented reality will be able to develop an unprecedented and realistic car simulators available to ordinary users. Well, seriously, who wants to learn to ride in a Porsche 911 in the age of autopilots?..

Space "Grasshopper"

        5 самых важных технологических прорывов 2016 года

21 December 2015, the company SpaceX carried out a successful launch of a space rocket with the return of the first stage. And not just returned, and carefully priemlemoj at a given point, so after refueling and routine maintenance again to soar in the clouds on a hot fire pole. Company Mask was not the first of the month before your missile landed Blue Origin Jeff Bezos, but his labor of feat in the world has noticed. And SpaceX went ahead and in April it carried out a successful landing perseu stage of the rocket Falcon 9 on a remotely operated offshore platform c poetischen title "of Course I still love you." Since then, the company has made a few commercial launches using rockets reusable in the future it will help to significantly reduce the cost of space exploration.

The advent of the autopilot

        5 самых важных технологических прорывов 2016 года

Flagship SpaceX from trying to keep up with other companies, Elon musk. In particular, at the end of the 2015 year, he quietly released a new software update car Tesla Model S to version 7.0, "taught" the car not only to stay in their own lane and avoid an accident, but also to independently change lanes and generally actively work the wheel. In January 2016 out a Supplement that allows you to "Teslam" self-Park without the people in the salon and to come to the owner on demand.
However, several unfortunate episodes involving Model S under control of the computer testified that the technology is still too new and unusual. But the developers are working with full dedication, so the introduction of full autopilot is scheduled for 2017. That is, very soon.

Electricity from the air

        5 самых важных технологических прорывов 2016 года

Not to be confused with wireless charging for your iPhone! It's much cooler — at the University of Washington developed technology that allows small devices to "feed" the energy of radio waves, which fills the earth and air around us. The bottom line is this: for transmitting a radio signal requires a sufficiently powerful electrical impulse, so that the residual energy in the radio waves enough for the sensor, or even a small camera. Special chic — to remove the power supply from the control of the WiFi signal, which at the same time is a source of electricity.

The technology is already working in the laboratory, and its commercial launch will be possible within the next 2-3 years. Manufacturers of batteries would be worth the effort.

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