7 brands that do not yet have your serial crossover.

What do Zaza, Ferrari and McLaren? We know the answer!

        7 брендов, у которых еще нет своего серийного кроссовера.

Every year in the world there are fewer brands, which were not included in the race for customers in the young, but very popular crossover segment. Moreover, the creation of the SUV for the last few years has puzzled even those brands for which cars of this class before was considered simply ending. Perhaps the most striking examples, sharp change of priorities would be the recent premiere of the Bentley Bentayga, Jaguar F-Pace and Jeep Renegade. But there is in the world, not rushing to go on about the latest trends. We have counted as many as 7 pieces.

Aston Martin

While other automakers from England trying to learn a new market, the company Aston Martin continues to small-scale the production of luxury supercars. However, we cannot say that the British finally abandoned the release of crossover. For example, at the Geneva motor show 2015 one of the exhibits Aston Martin was elated conceptual DBX coupe with all-wheel drive. In addition, rumors about the development of British exclusive SUV several times already "surfaced" in the foreign press before.

Surprising: in 2009, the brand showed a very convincing prototype of a large four-wheel drive vehicle with increased ground clearance. And even in Aston Martin's then heavily touched upon the theme "this is not some kind of SUV," the pompous concept Lagonda was built on the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz GL, though, and had a 5.9-litre V12 from Aston Martin. Anyway, in a series of five-meter car for 22-inch wheels does not matter. Perhaps, just yet.


The famous French manufacturer hypercar, Bugatti produces only one model in a particular period of time. Moreover, the brand philosophy involves the release only genuinely quick car with outstanding dynamic performance. As you guessed it, suspension moves large, bulky body with not the best aerodynamics aren't exactly traits that I would like to see in the car is able to accelerate to 400 kilometers per hour.


        7 брендов, у которых еще нет своего серийного кроссовера.

At a time when the FCA began to think about the production of premium Italian crossover, the head of the Italian-American company Sergio Marchionne stated that he wanted to leave Ferrari in its original form. Perhaps the most famous quote of Mr. Marchionne can be called a response to another journalist''s question about the prospect of crossover Ferrari, the head of the FCA said: "at First you will have to shoot me!".


        7 брендов, у которых еще нет своего серийного кроссовера.

If the motto of the founder of Lotus Colin Chapman was "Complicate the design and add the third row" is quite possibly one of the models of the brand would be the crossover. But in reality, engineers Lotus adhere to this doctrine of Mr. Chapman – "a single gram of excess weight!", which, as you know, not very applicable when designing a crossover. However, the last time the British began to retreat from their traditional positions. For example, in a recent interview the head of the company Jean-Marc Storm said that the crossover Lotus still can receive, but only after the new Elise.


        7 брендов, у которых еще нет своего серийного кроссовера.

Another British brand, the model line-up which has never been crossovers. Moreover, in our opinion, in the near future McLaren a SUV will not do. Well, at least it does not say anything. Of course, there are many cases when car manufacturers specializing in the production of sports cars, developed and successfully sold crossovers (for example Porsche). But, as a rule, they did not hold such plans so secret.


        7 брендов, у которых еще нет своего серийного кроссовера.

Model range of Smart includes only two cars (built in a single copy Smart ForFun2 monster truck - does not count). Thus, in our subjective view, the maximum obstacle now to overcome any of the serial "SMARTS" is a speed bump. Of course, the engineers of the brand can release another model with larger wheels and more ground clearance. But would such a car fit into the philosophy of the brand? Not a fact...


        7 брендов, у которых еще нет своего серийного кроссовера.

How sad it sounds, perhaps, the only trait that unites the ZAZ with such renowned brands as Aston Martin and McLaren, is the absence in the current model range crossover. However, it should be noted that if the main reason for the failure of the British edition crossover is the mismatch of such vehicles to the ideals of the brand, the Zaza, the situation is much simpler.

        7 брендов, у которых еще нет своего серийного кроссовера.

Development and implementation into production own designs — too expensive. You can get a model by badge-engineering , but where is the guarantee that this product will be buying? First you need to deal with the launch of a new Slavuta. And there, if you go, then to the crossover near...

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