Car-double: how to be?

For several years Ukraine "flooded" cars - doubles. For owners of these cars purchase a new car is not always pleasant. The problems of illegal technique more than joy. How to recognize double and what to do?

        Авто-двойник: как быть?

What is machine-double

Car-lookalike – is a machine that is identical to another car appearance, license plate number and some other specifications and documents. Only one machine of a pair may be legal, and the second is "Ghost", with no rights.

How to appear auto-doubles?

Most often, take documents, do for stolen cars before resale, a future owner will hardly be able to understand that the machine has problems. At the DMV and other documents of the car will be quite real, with its own history.

In addition, the double documents can do to the car, which was imported from abroad without clearance.

        Авто-двойник: как быть?

If it is done by by unscrupulous outbid, they usually do not bother on collecting documents and expenses for customs clearance, counterfeit paper are much cheaper and made faster. And what will happen with the car and the owner of little concern to them.

Machine with a bad past (the fatal accidents, the problems with credit history and seizure) can also be sold with duplicate documents.

How to check a car having a twin?

First of all, pay attention to the price of a car. Doubles usually go for 30-40% cheaper than their clean counterparts legally, because the seller need to quickly sell the car. You must immediately think that the car can be double if the seller does not remove it before sale, and offers to do it later or to buy a car by proxy.

Also, the seller can say that the car is removed from the register and delay the purchase. The fact that the double-documents are always fake, and if a simple police officer on the road may not notice that they are false, then the verification directly to the traffic police, the fraud will come out.

        Авто-двойник: как быть?

If the car is really expensive and you have decided to take a used model, it is best to contact investigators for 200-250 hryvnia to order the examination of a car which will be confirmed by an official document. Examination proves that the car is legal, it does not have a broken room in the cabin and under the hood, and Gosznak real. Of course, this additional spending, but they can keep you safe from the loss of something more. Often find out what your car is double, you can just meet on the road with his clone, or seeing an ad about selling "his" car, which you gave. Also sometimes the owners take machines come other people's fines and documents from Executive services, it is also a Wake-up call about the problems with the legality of your car.

What to do if your car is double?

If you bought a car with a "couple", then there are 2 options out of the situation.

1. To go to court

You caught the traffic police and the car was taken to impound. It can not be helped, will have to go to court and prove that you knew nothing about the problems of the machine. Refer to the services of an experienced attorney, since such litigation is typically complex and require serious preparation. After you win the court, unfortunately, the car you drive will fail, a legitimate way to make the car officially yours and allow you to drive it until the legislation of Ukraine.

Sell the car for parts or turn in "analysis" at a reasonable price, the only way to partially recover the funds spent on the purchase.

        Авто-двойник: как быть?

2. Apply in GAI

If you accidentally saw your double, your car is officially purchased, and you are confident of its legal registration in the police, you can't simply forget about it. Try as much as possible to apply to the traffic police a description of the situation, if possible, attach a confirmation from the DVR.

This is necessary to protect you, because under certain circumstances it double can legalize it, but your car will be removed from the register.

If you have decided to buy this double because of its low cost, think twice. The associated costs of legalization, the penalties can be in the amount of the cost is much higher than the price of a new car from the salon. And if you decide to just go on auto-double, you can lose the car and all the money invested in it, without the right to return at least something.

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