Cars celebrities: All the machines are Santa

Top 10 great cars, replacing Santa Claus reindeer.

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

Only children believe that Santa Claus delivers gifts around the world on a reindeer sled. The Mature and sober people understand: to implement a logistics project of this magnitude would require a fleet. And given the "burning" terms of delivery - a fleet of supercars that have been modified specifically for pot-bellied-bearded the coolest tuning shop.

Designers Carwow, apparently, was able to see these secret "snowmobile" Claus during delivery for Christmas on December 24-25, so they sent us the spy sketches of the machinery of the regional offices Santa all around the world.

Porsche 959

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

At first it may seem that Santa Claus - the usual waster means honest taxpayers: why did he have 10 cars? In fact, each car is designed for specific environmental conditions. Don't forget that the old man has to travel around the world. For example, in his Porsche 959 set tracks, powerful kit, winch, and additional lights on the roof, so he could easily travel through the snowy mountains.

Lamborghini Huracan

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

The latest supercar from Lamborghini is also a Grandfather in the fleet. However, from the usual Huracan supercar you'll be Santa's special suspension, off-road wheels in the manner of buggy and the cage. This machine is designed specially for the wilderness.

Nissan GT-R

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

For the urban jungle Santa has picked up old-school sports car Nissan GT-R with extended arches, big spoiler and racing wheels. Got in the car and in the cabin a lot of gifts will not fit, and they have to attach to the roof of the car. And with Lam which had no such problems?

Ford GT40

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

In the business season Santa Claus has to travel not only by land but also by sea - if only to bring all obedient boys and girls their gifts. To overcome the oceans, the Ford company gave him a Ford GT40 converted into a long-range boat.

Ferrari F40

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

For greater maneuverability when Santa travels on the rivers used Ferrari F40 with two mounted engines. Gifts, as in the previous case are in the open Luggage compartment. It should be noted that the safety of their transportation to the guys from the Ferrari should work more carefully...

Jeep Wrangler

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

Santa Claus is a bit of tuning. For desert travel, he chose a stuffed Jeep Wrangler with drogowym V8 engine sticking out in the style of the favorite car of the protagonist of "fast & Furious". Well, in this case Santa, at least, made sure to equip the machine with a trailer for gifts. The old man whips!

Shelby Cobra

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

In the native Lapland Santa moves with style — convertible Shelby Cobra, which got caterpillars instead of rear wheels and skids instead of the front. The deer is in shock!

Audi Quattro S1

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

The rainforest is probably one of the most difficult special stages, which each year have to overcome Santa. However, the Audi Quattro S1 is considerably facilitated his life. The machine is equipped with military suspension, huge off-road tires from the monster truck and the roof rack.

Jaguar E-Type

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

Have Santa and the machine is specially for travels in England. The Kingdom of Her Majesty he moves in a convertible Jaguar E-Type, but not in the factory version. Roadster Claus has obviously passed through the hands of specialists Atelier Kahn Design. From the standard versions of the machines it differs the lowered suspension and big chrome wheels

BMW i8

        Автомобили знаменитостей: Все машины Санты

Life outside of our planet exists! Why else would Santa Claus be overcome by the boring billions of miles through space with a bag of gifts at the ready? For travel between the stars it uses the BMW i8 to the exterior of the Bavarian hybrid sports car "stranger" will have to get used to...

Jokes aside, but until the kids rush to look under the tree the gifts left nothing at all. Do not hassle yourself philosophical questions about how they will identify the mysterious donor: Santa, Saint Nicholas, father Christmas or simply "Papa": give. And not forget to treat at least a fresh issue of our online magazine "AUTO.RIA for the weekend".

Santa (or whoever our New year) will appreciate it.

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