More than 15 UAH per liter of petrol: again unhealthy

In large networks, the price of LPG has passed the mark of 15 hryvnia per liter, and in the near future may reach the level of 17 hryvnia per liter.

Despite the fact that the price tags on stelae stations continue to push the Ukrainian motorists into a stupor, it should be noted that a similar situation we have experienced. For example, on March 2, 2015 the cost of petrol at domestic filling stations almost got to the mark in 15 USD and remained at this level for about two weeks. This record was not broken until recently. According to recent data, now a litre of "blue fuel" in networks and KLO WOG please and of and 15.49 15.44 UAH/liter, respectively. Not too different price tags and other gas stations: OKKO – of 15.39 UAH/liter, BRSM – 15,19 UAH/l 14,99 SOCAR.

But something in these two situations are still different. For example, in March 2015, when we had a similar price tag on gas, opt for a ton LPG were asked to 21 200 21 800 hryvnia. Now the wholesale cost of petrol hovering around the mark of 25 thousand hryvnia, and one of the most expensive parties yesterday sold for 27 600 hryvnia per ton.

From all this we can draw two conclusions. First – despite the already record the cost of the background to the rise in the cost of LPG is still there. The second is a significant increase of vehicles on Ukrainian roads has forced major networks to reduce their own appetites to maintain sales volumes and reduce customer churn by illegal AGFCS. Moreover, the mark in more than 15 hryvnia per liter of gas - not just "emotional barrier": in this range the cost of petrol is starting to approach the limit of profitability is no longer for sellers and for buyers-motorists.

UPDATED: according to the received information, wholesale price at the auction of the LPG at the moment continues to get closer to the mark of 30 thousand hryvnias for ton, and now stands at about 28 500 hryvnia. In simple words, in the near future gas will continue to rise in price, and its price tag on the gun, according to the experts of the fuel market, can get close to 17 UAH per liter.

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