Revenge for “Deselect”: Customers began to dismantle cars Volkswagen before you can exchange them for new

The court has already taken measures to stop the vandalism resourceful clients.

        Месть за «Дизельгейт»: Клиенты начали разбирать автомобили Volkswagen прежде, чем обменять их на новые

Although the phrase "Yak, not z m, ponadczasowy" traditionally attributed to the Ukrainian mentality, the recent events in the USA showed a high density of people belonging to a given instruction, and the ocean. The residents of the state, "victims of desligada", I decided that I have the right to dismantle the car before you exchange it for a new one. Recall, every American, who at one time bought a car Volkswagen diesel engines are the 2.0 TDI can exchange it for a new car. In the United States for such action, which involves 475 000 vehicles, has allocated ten billion dollars. In addition, defrauded customers owed compensation in the amount of from 5 to 10 thousand dollars. However, some felt that this is not enough. So, before to exchange the car, particularly enterprising characters decided to pre-sell all its removable parts.

        Месть за «Дизельгейт»: Клиенты начали разбирать автомобили Volkswagen прежде, чем обменять их на новые

The Furthest along a customer from Cincinnati Joe Meyer, who took the car, even the doors and all interior components there is only the steering wheel and driver seat.

To such edition have already drew the attention of the court. In particular, judge Charles Breyer, who is it for disilicate, stopped the attacks of greed of compatriots. He explained that initially, the contract involves the replacement of the machine if it on the go. Amendments for damage and completeness has not been done, to the dealers refused customers with cars have been in minor accidents.

"The wording was specifically chosen so as not to leave behind people whose cars suffered in accidents or from actions of third parties. But deliberate dismantling of the vehicle is too," said judge Breyer on the court.

Recall that the Volkswagen company has also been forced to extend the line of electric cars in the United States. So the automaker should compensate for inflicted ecological damage as a result of the same long-playing disilicate.

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