Tatra is able to resume production of cars

Approximate cost of new cars Tatras will be about 100 thousand dollars.

        Tatra может возобновить выпуск легковых автомобилей

The management of The company Tatra deliberating on the resumption of production of passenger cars. According to the publication Ekonom, most likely, for its first project, the Czechs use the chassis and engines of one of the famous manufacturers that hide in the back of personally developed design.

        Tatra может возобновить выпуск легковых автомобилей

Sedan rear-engined Tatra t700

At the moment the company Tatra is mainly known for crush enthusiasts of automotive history, but also due to its trucks.This brand have quite a rich experience in production of passenger cars. The first passenger car of the Czech company NW Präsident, was released in the distant 1897. At the moment the company has not used the name Tatra, and was called Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau-Fabriks-Gesellschaft. The last Tatra car was released in mid 90-ies of the rear-engined sedan Tatra t700equipped with air-cooled engines. After that, the company moved exclusively to trucks.

Most likely, the new car models of Tatra will be associated with their ancestors solely retro design, which the automaker will try to awaken nostalgic feelings of the customers. However, judging by the previously announced price of 100 thousand dollars, one exclusive design, the Czechs are hardly limited.

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