Test drive Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Heaven and earth

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля


        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

Alexander Antonyuk

2016-12-29 16:50:00
Why people buy “hybrids”?

In addition to fashion in ecology, motorists hoping to save on fuel. It would seem, everything is logical, but there is a caveat: given the prices of some hybridmail about thrift will still have to forget.

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

Here I am, pondering how to solve family problem, welcomed the opportunity to try a couple of thousand miles on the economical car - in advance shone from the insignificance of the numbers of passport fuel consumption in less than six liters per hundred, and pricked up skiing on the “historic homeland”, in Chengdu city.

The editorial test drive we are the leader in the nomination "Electric cars and hybrids are" the updated crossover Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine working on the Atkinson cycle, two electric motors, one per axle (total capacity of the power plant 197 HP), a CVT and all-wheel drive. The cost of this car in the test configuration a little less Passion – wow! a million hryvnia.

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

Common features

Not so easy to understand immediately what the RAV4 is going to meet you – version with a trivial engine under the hood or a fancy hybrid. In addition to the corresponding inscription on the trunk lid and fenders different from regular car only in blue trim to Toyota's emblem. And that's all. In the cabin, fortunately there is also no significant change – added a little "blue" (as in the case with the logo), and even the tachometer has replaced the usual hybrids of the device, showing the mode of operation of the power plant.

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

The main practical difference test vehicle from gasoline or diesel is the volume of the trunk in the hybrid it is 23 litres less and the seats when folded form a step. Otherwise it's the same spacious cabin with comfortable adjustable seats front and rear, and also a lot of niches for small things.

But why, no matter how you try, you cannot get used is to layout the buttons heated seat and a choice of driving modes – they are recessed behind the gear and covered with the overhanging Central panel so that access to them is not so simple.

In contrast to the "Auris" with its space gear knob, RAV4 hybrid remains the good old "stick", familiar from other versions of the model. And, of course, their portion of criticism was given to the multimedia system, which not all will find a normal resolution display and is perceived as greetings from the past. And yet they say that conservatives are the British.

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля


If heated usually involve only when we sit in the car, in order to play with the buttons, “Sport”, “Eco” and “EV” (the latter activates the drive without using the petrol engine), it is unsafe to be distracted from the road. However, to refer to them too often also don't have to try the “Sport” mode, you realize that the difference with the other settings illusory – so, for complacency and the feeling of freedom of choice. The motor becomes sluggish in “Eco”, and if you want to constantly stomp on the accelerator in sport mode, I assure you, you need not worry about high fuel consumption.

But before you step on the gas, start the engine, move the selector lever into “Drive” and move quietly. Toyotomi argue that at speeds up to 50 km/h in their RAV4 Hybrid may not need to use a gasoline engine three kilometer. For the city of Jolly ranchers. And I had over the weekend to get there and back, twice, almost under the Curve of the horn, so that gentle handling of the gas pedal I have not dabbled in. Except for fun, and then at low speeds, in complete silence and turned off the “music” heard soft start the internal combustion engine.

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

The hybrid version is heavier than the gasoline only 15 kg, but quick (and eventually more powerful) powerplant not only negates the miniscule difference in weight, but also demonstrates the best measure of acceleration. Hybrid "Rafik" accelerates almost half a second faster and the acceleration is given to him without any attempts, and the wild roar of the engine smoothly and confidently. And most importantly – quiet.

But more importantly - rides Toyota RAV4 Hybrid just fine. Without adjusting for increased weight – on the contrary, the hybrid has become more cheerful thanks to the powerful motor and rides more interesting monoprivodnom version. No need to pull up on the straights do, as it was in the previous generation machines. The grip on the straight due to the maximum for a RAV4 tyre size - 235/55R18. Communicating with a colleague who returned to the importer of the test car on the same day (also a hybrid "Rafik", but shod in 17-inch tires), I came to the conclusion that our sample is slightly lost in the comfort but gained a lot in handling.

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

Of course, in daily operation there is no need to drive at full speed, and about the environment it's time to start thinking. But if you really in a hurry, and your car is easily included in the game and ready to support a bid, it will be difficult to deny yourself this pleasure. For smooth acceleration say “thank you” and CVT which does not salt cravings, and gently transfers it to the wheels. And, of course, it works much nicer than usual “automatic machine”.

Hurt avid in the last time in “sneakers” was my father, the matter requires me to ride on different innovations. He has recently discovered class of crossovers and I knew it was for him. And in the case of Rafik interest in it has increased significantly. Says that he's been eyeing the “RAV-four”. Some wealthy, huh? However, he asks the previous generation in the secondary market, but after our ride was puzzled, knowing that the new machine and the third generation RAV4 is what is called heaven and earth.

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

For asphalt

Potential crossovers something akin to a honey pot Winnie the Pooh: like it is, but it is possible that no one in their right mind does not check. The buyer obviously knows that his vehicle if it is equipped with all-wheel drive, has much more ability than any car. So, with the majority of tasks will handle it without a hitch.

And the truth is, despite a solid 19 inches of ground clearance to climb in a Ford or a tank rut the desire does not arise – to what is. However, my tasks were largely associated with the drive for peresechenke, and the weather was, to put it mildly, bad. And in such moments do not regret choosing a car with a no, and the wheel formula 4x4. However, according to the manufacturer's flow rate is five liters with the ponytail was broken with plenty: according to the test results, this figure rose to 8.2 l/100 km.

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

The difference solid. But do not be upset: passed 2000 km most of it I sped on the highway trying to get ready, burn extra liters though on easy, but the roads, and as much as a cargo of exercise were able to perform a Rafiq does not count. On the car with only one petrol engine in such a figure, I would have missed.

To confess, to detect the flow of “traffic” I simply did not have time. But the testimony of the onboard computer when loaded on the highway the motor where not really benefit from the hybrid, I suggest that the citizens will remain very satisfied with the choice.

Yes, the car has changed everything. Got a modern design and added comfort to passengers (and insulation in this list is not in last place), has become much more focused on the road. Our RAV4 and decided, fortunately, to make more friendly for the family. I mean the fact that heavy fifth door crossover has lost, finally, cover with the spare tire (now a stowaway under the boot floor).

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

It is clear that this decision is due to the kinematics of the door opening in a vertical plane, and the extra weight would have made that process prohibitive for most people and even motor drives. But good that the car is now no feigned brutality in appearance: firstly, no Flirty blowing dust in the eyes, and secondly, to use the tailgate much easier.

This is only the beginning

And finally - about the main thing. One of the decisive factors for a person seeking a balance between sustainability and profitability, will be the price. Yes, our test instance is pulled in a million, but what is called “Fula”. Very poor standard with all-wheel drive and 2.5-liter engine is almost the same price from a conventional gasoline vehicle. And this trend will soon be on many models.

By the way, the transition to hybrids in a short time is confirmed by the fact that at the same RAV4 toutouza refused the installation of V6 engines. So choosing the hybrid version is even justified, especially with the latest eco-trends and overall impressions about the car. And will it fit could not be better for city trips, and for family dalnoboev with a loaded trunk.

        Тест-драйв Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Небо и земля

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