The garage of the Verkhovna Rada plan to transfer to electric cars

Outdated Opel Omega and Skoda Octavia want to replace with new electric vehicles.

        Гараж Верховной Рады планируют перевести на электромобили

In the near future outdated cars which are on balance of the carpool of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, will be sold out. Instead, officials intend to purchase 100 brand new electric Nissan Leaf. Sounds like science fiction, but such a conclusion can be drawn, having studied the transcript of one of the recent meetings of the regulatory Committee lie.

In the course of the report on the meeting of 7 December 2016, the head of the parliamentary carpool Andrew Nagorny focused attention of participants of Committee on an ever-increasing maintenance costs of the fleet are lying. The average age of cars in the garage of the Verkhovna Rada is 12-14 years, and every year the cost of their services increase by 23 percent. It is estimated Andrew Nagorny fuel costs for the next six years will be approximately 55.1 million hryvnia, has 26.6 million to be spent on batteries, tires and spare parts. In sum, it turns out that the operation of vehicles lying in the next six years will cost the budget at least at 81.7 million. In turn, the purchase of 100 electric cars will cost roughly at 81.5 million.

Funding fleet renewal officials plan to begin in 2018, as the budget for 2017 of such costs does not . From 2018 to 2019 in the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada want to buy 10 new electric vehicle Nissan Leaf, which will spend about 8.7 million. At the same time at the auction to be sold 10 outdated Opel Omega in the garage lying, expect to gain about million.

In the second phase (subsequent two years) parliamentary carpool for sale 30 old cars (all the same Opel Omega and Skoda Octavia), and in their place to purchase 27 new electric Leaf. About 60 EVS will dokupleno after 2022. Moreover, the candidacy of the Japanese electro hatchback costs the Nissan Leaf at the moment is seen as the only option, although in the future, if the market will be more suitable cars, the scales can bend in their favor.

It should be noted that such an initiative sounds in the Parliament. A little over a year ago Andrey Nagorny came to the regulation Committee with the same proposal, but then, in the fight against aging of the fleet, offered to buy "at least 6-8 new electric vehicles." What are the chances to come true, the new plan will be able to learn about a year.

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