The “stars” in advertising cars 2016

Five celebrities who starred in commercials for cars in 2016.

        «Звезды» в рекламе авто 2016 года

Sometimes the automakers want in their advertising messages to tell potential customers about their new machines much more than is obtained with words and slogans. Because brands often resort to certain tricks and catches, for example - shooting celebrities in their commercials. The idea is this: if you see your idol, you vividly extols this machine — you can't stand. It works really or not is a separate conversation. The main thing that celebrities are quite sensitive to filming in advertising. So they approve the videos, often, there are good and Shine with creativity. We offer you five examples of international celebrities with car companies (same level), which appeared chic promotional video.

Ryan Reynolds
Hyundai Elantra

The company Hyundai has decided to bet on the female audience when the US market was a new model Elantra. To be in the ad invited ladies ' man Ryan Reynolds. The girls just didn't have any chance because the famous actor has performed in advertising all the male roles. It showed in the way a responsible family man, and a dashing driver, and worker and athlete and every character you could meet in city traffic. In General, Hyundai showed a few minutes of a female utopia.

Ben Stiller
Fiat 500X

American actor and Director Ben Stiller in this year presented his film "Zoolander 2" and the promotion of the film was stimulus Fiat company. She was offered a main character of the film, guru of the fashion industry to ride on their hatchback on the roads of an evening. What did the famous Solingen suffering from bouts of narcissism? Found the nearest camera and gave myself a photo shoot. It does not matter that it was the camera capturing the traffic rules...

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Volvo V90

The famous football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic told his touching story of success is the company Volvo. He reveals to the audience the principles of life, which he prefers to stick to. The General atmosphere reinforces the soundtrack, written by famous composer Hans CIMERA. His earlier work you can hear in the films "inception," "Batman: the Dark knight," "Pirates of the Caribbean".

"The campaign reflects the independent opinion and the power that lies in the ability to think differently. Between Zlatan and Volvo have a lot in common. We would not have attained what you have, if I thought like the others", commented the cooperation with footballer Anders Gustafsson, Vice President of Volvo Car Group.

Kit Harington
Infiniti Q60

For those who love the TV series "Game of thrones", English poetry and the cars Infiniti, is likely to remember advertisements new Q60 sedan. The video appeared in September of this year, and in it, kit Harrington, known as a brother of the night's watch, Jon snow reads the verse of British poet William Blake, written back in the 18th century. The Japanese company considered a piece called "Tiger" perfectly displays the character of the new Q60. Especially if it will recite a famous actor of his thrilling voice.

Kevin HART
Hyundai Genesis

Kevin HART is quite popular in USA actor and show-man, which you clearly saw the three other comedies. This year his filmography also received shots in the is the Hyundai Genesis, which was presented at the Super Bowl in 2016. The plan is pretty simple, but fun — a nervous father let his daughter on a first date. Although to say that he fully let her go — not quite true. HART to follow his daughter, secretly accompanied on every stage of Dating. In the center of events, of course, the Hyundai Genesis.

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