Top 10 expected in 2017 novelties in the Ukrainian market

Cars that will appear on the Ukrainian market in 2017

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

The automotive novelties on the Ukrainian market do not appear immediately after their world debuts a little later. It and is clear: modest sales sometimes put us in line for larger consumers. But new items usually go like hot cakes! That way the new generation of your iron pet did not become a surprise for you, we tried to gather preliminary information about the upcoming novelties of the automobile market of Ukraine in 2017 and to bring to your attention 10 most anticipated. To list them we will be in the order in which they should appear in Ukraine. At least, in accordance with the plans of the Ukrainian importers.

BMW 5 series

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

You to easily distinguish one business from another suit? They are at first glance are all the same. The difference is in the details. So it is possible to say about the new BMW five, which received factory index G30. Design frankly smacks of the seventh series - which is probably good. New product design focus on efficiency. “Five” has received the full-led headlights and adaptive cruise control. In the Arsenal of models - a huge list of active safety systems. Suffice it to say that the novelty itself can go round suddenly arisen obstacle! New “five” will offer two petrol (252 and 340 HP) and two diesel unit (190 and 265 HP). I wonder what manual transmission will be available only in the simplest version of a car with a diesel engine.

Peugeot 3008

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

The second generation of the 3008 crossover has become much more like a crossover. Expressive headlamps and aggressive grille and bumpers leave no doubt that in front of us, intended for lovers of an active lifestyle. The model is built on the EMP2 platform, which also became the basis 308. The model is offered only with front-wheel drive, but the stock patency anyway it is not a joke. After all, it has a ground clearance of 22 cm, and for the implementation of traction on the roads meets the updated system Advanced Grip Control.

Skoda Octavia

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

One of the models using popular love, will soon appear with an updated appearance. Separate lights became a subject of hot discussions: beautiful or not? But it is a matter of taste. From a technological point of view, the Octavia became more advanced. Speaking of lighting, the options for Octavia are now available full-led headlights. In the list of active safety systems is also a lot of new things from the blind spot monitoring mirrors to preventive security, which prevent and help avoid frontal collisions.

Volkswagen Golf

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

The current, seventh generation of the model Volkswagen Golf was pretty quiet and not earned glory advanced model. The updated VW Golf 2017 model year externally has not changed much. Lighting in pastewska style, but the new bumpers. But major changes just technological. In the cabin, the instrument panel was replaced on an enormous 12-inch screen, capable to display both readings and only one navigation. In the series motors the main beginner – turbocharged gasoline engine TSI Evo 1.5. To reduce the pumping losses the engine runs on the Miller cycle, but at low loads is able to disable two of the four cylinders. A lot of new active safety systems. There are even "plug autopilot" is able to drive autonomously at speeds up to 60 km/h.

Skoda Kodiaq

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

Model Skoda Kodiaq can claim the title of most anticipated news of the year. The increase in interest in SUV segment and a long-standing love of the market to finally Skoda agreed. Kodiaq built on a universal platform MQB, which in the line of SUV used in all new products of the concern with a transverse motor: Audi Q3, Seat Ateca, VW Tiguan. In the Arsenal of the new Skoda not only high-tech innovations, but also a number of very unusual but potentially very practical solutions. For example, special “ears” on the headrest. Punishing restraint falls forward, forming a lateral support for the head, so that the sleeping passenger was more comfortable. There are lots of more familiar systems: active cruise control, “autopilot traffic”, a complex of preventive security , etc. In Ukraine, the model will be offered with a gasoline 1.4-liter turbo engines in the performance of the 125 and 150 HP., and also 2.0 liter (180 HP). Gamma consists of a turbo-diesel 2.0-litre units at 150 and 190 HP

Renault Koleos

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

First in our rating tried to break the sedan, Renault Megane sedan, which replaces Fluence. But the market trend turned the tide in favor of SUV's. And in our top 10 broke Renault Koleos second generation. This flagship SUV, the Renault brand is built on the platform СMF C/D, which shares with the "Kadjar" crossover and the minivan Espace. Koleos will be offered in front-wheel-drive performance, engine range includes 4 power units — two petrol and two diesel — with a capacity of 128 to 173 HP

Kia Rio

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

In the segment of mass and inexpensive ATO Prem not so much. But this clearly will be one of the key. New Kia Rio the fourth generation appeared as a hatchback and sedan. It is interesting that the design of the machines differs significantly not only in the stern, but the design of the front of the car. Compared with the predecessor, the fourth generation of the model became more spacious, primarily due to the increase of the wheelbase by 10 mm and optimize the layout of the interior space. The new engines from 1.25 l to 1.4 l (69-118 HP)

Alfa Romeo Giulia

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

Rarely on our roads will meet Alfa Rоmeo. And even fewer we are the flagship sedans of this brand. But the emergence of a new generation large sedan from Alfa - no doubt a landmark event. Giulia undeniably beautiful and elegant. It will be pragmatic scrupulous Germans and the Japanese to create their models D-segment. The model is produced with a diesel engine of 2.2 l (150-180 HP)and the top version Quadrifoglio. It is equipped with a motor developed jointly with Ferrari. Three-liter “six” with the camber angle blocks is 90 degrees, with turbochargers that puts out 510 HP and 600 Nm. And all this at the rear wheels. For traction on the rear axle is limited-slip differential.

Volkswagen Touareg

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

One of the trendsetters in the class of mid-size SUV in 2017 must change significantly. While official information about the model are scarce, but now we can start from the images that leaked from the patent office. According to them the novelty will receive the design, very close to the concept of T-Prime Concept GTE. Undoubtedly in the range of engines will appear hybrid powerplant. The rest we have only to guess.

I Jaguar-Pace

        Топ-10 ожидаемых в 2017 году новинок украинского рынка

Difficult to plan that far ahead. While we only know that at the end of 2017 there will be new model from Jaguar. Although according to different sources its premiere could take place a little later, in early 2018. In any case, only time will answer this question. And while waiting for this charismatic electric SUV with a silent powertrain, outstanding 400 HP and 700 Nm.

Of course, we have not mentioned about all the new products that will debut on the Ukrainian market during the year. Follow our newsto be the first to know about the latest arrivals!

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